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Advance Your Probiotic Product with Asia’s Leading CDMO, ILDONG BIO

Advance Your Probiotic Product with Asia’s Leading CDMO, ILDONG BIO

Empowering Your Innovations in Probiotic Healthcare Solutions

As the demand for probiotic products continues to rise globally, ILDONG BIO stands at the forefront as a leading Asia Probiotics CDMO. With over two decades of expertise in biotechnological research and probiotic product development, we offer comprehensive services that cover every step of the development and manufacturing process. Our mission is to help our partners succeed in the competitive health and wellness market by providing superior probiotic solutions that are both effective and innovative.

Why Probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host. They are primarily used to promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system. The global interest in dietary supplements and health foods continues to grow, making probiotics a key component of daily health regimens worldwide.

Why Choose ILDONG BIO as Your Probiotics CDMO Partner?

Choosing the right CDMO is crucial for the success of your probiotic product. ILDONG BIO offers distinct advantages that make us the preferred choice for health brands looking to expand or enhance their product lines:

  • Expertise in probiotic strains and their health impacts
  • Advanced R&D capabilities for custom formula development
  • Scalable manufacturing processes from pilot to full-scale production
  • Stringent quality control and assurance measures
  • Global regulatory compliance expertise

Our Probiotic CDMO Services

At ILDONG BIO, our CDMO services encompass a full range of capabilities designed to bring your probiotic product from concept to market:

  • Product Development: Custom formulation and development tailored to your specifications and market goals.
  • Manufacturing: State-of-the-art facilities equipped to handle all scales of production, ensuring high-quality products with efficient turnaround times.
  • Packaging and Logistics: Innovative packaging solutions that preserve the viability of probiotics, coupled with reliable logistics for global distribution.
  • Regulatory Support: Comprehensive assistance in navigating complex regulatory landscapes for product approval and compliance.

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Case Studies and Success Stories

ILDONG BIO has partnered with numerous health brands worldwide, contributing to their success with our tailored solutions. From innovative probiotic drinks to supplements that support digestive health, our projects reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in probiotics CDMO services.

If you are looking to launch or expand your probiotic product line, choose ILDONG BIO, Asia’s leading probiotics CDMO. Visit to learn how we can assist you in transforming your health product vision into reality. Contact us today

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